Sell out or ?



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2 thoughts on “Sell out or ?

  1. biggibboybeatmasterb says:

    Is he really a sellout? i reckon we’d judge him even more harshley if we found out he was actually a mcdonalds employee, who had struggled to finance his artistic endeavours for years, sacrificing further education and work-experience to stay true to his roots, only to be faced with mounting debt and fines from various city councils. Having been refused JSA he would have turned to the only employer who would take him, only to be found out and reported on by the pap-ers. Loneley, poor, and stupid he would become a recluse, his style would be emulated tirelessley for 6 months by mainstream media in the perceived void he would leave in the commercial graffiti scene, until we became sick of the endless repetitive stream of rip-offs, and then the world would turn their backs on the whole idea and we’d be back to a squeaky clean Apple-white world of plastic…….. fuckin sellout.

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