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Battery powered scratchin!

just finished putting a fader in my portable deck!

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Sell out or ?



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Chesterfield Sofa for John

John’s going to need yet another new pair of pants because this is going to make him lose his shit (Eeeeyyy!!)

Here is a beautiful Chesterfield Sofa, but it’s not made from leather. The company who made it used a rather unconventional material.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Let’s take another look:

Still can’t guess?

Hold  on to your hats y’all………………….. it’s concrete!

That’s right, John’s favourite material used by Gray Concrete to make a Chesterfield. And it’s well cheap too, since they only offer “price on application”.


Would you dare mix on ceramic decks?

Blog-lurking on Dude Craft yet again and I saw these:

He’s an artist, he’s French, his name is Fabien Clerc. He has created a set of fully-functioning ceramic turntables! Check out his website. Get Tom to translate, as it’s all in French. The name of the piece is “Back In The Good Old Days”.

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Suitcases made for Steeno

From the same website as the teabag-balls:

For the Freakers

This is an imaginary sneaker-heel, by one of my favourite artists, INSA. Insa has been known to graff-heads for a long while, but over the past few years he’s turned his attention to footware and furniture design. the main source of his inspiration seems to be the lower half of the female form. Right On.

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