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Sell out or ?



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Hey have y’all seen this awesome article about São Paulo graffiti in this month’s JungleDrums magazine? Seems ‘interesting’ and ‘really well written’, huh? But seriously. At least the pictures are nice.

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Anyone not seen this yet?

check the ill-fresh website too…it’s like well sick design an that.

For the Freakers

This is an imaginary sneaker-heel, by one of my favourite artists, INSA. Insa has been known to graff-heads for a long while, but over the past few years he’s turned his attention to footware and furniture design. the main source of his inspiration seems to be the lower half of the female form. Right On.

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Art Theory

Found this at sneakndestroy and, while I can’t really be arsed digging out my textbooks, I think they might well be right.

Little B@st@rds

also stolen from the Turntable Lab. BADASS.

InsaLand – go there

I was checking out a bit of look in the nice side and saw a reference to INSA, one of my favourite graffiti artists who’s style i used to bite harrrd. you should check out his blog because 1: the logo is dope, and 2: below the logo is a mix of graffiti and bootys in tight clothes.

So, how are you liking the lemons?

oh yeah, i’m selling my old mixer if anyone wants it. Tom you’re not still using that pioneer one are you?

i’ve made myself skint by buying new toys. i’ve got a loop-pedal set-up connected through my decks. i’ll post some video’s soon. meanwhile, here’s 2 Tall doing it properly.

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