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MCA Tribute by AROE

AWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!!! fuck margins lets go this way!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A Thousand Words

Trying out a bit of a new thing here. Instead of putting together a mixtape and then slinging some poorly-photoshopped artwork on as an afterthought, this one started with yonder photograph by our own Sam Daniels, and I put together the sounds to kind of fit the mood of the picture. Or at least, fit the mood of what I made of the picture.

It’s not even really a “mix” to be honest, it’s more like a mixtape in the old fashioned put-some-stuff-on-a-cassette kind of way. But I think it turned out alright anyway.

Hoping to try some more of these as well, and get some more collaborations going too. So if you want to come and play, either by scratching some artwork or sketching a mixtape, holler @ me.

The Leathersaurus

In a shameless act of self-promotion I thought I’d stick something up about my new blog, The Leathersaurus. For some time now I’ve been maintaining and adding to a google map of the various bars in London I’ve been to, it’s now a blog with sort of reviews and accounts of each bar as I go to them. Most of the London contributors will be mentioned at some point, apart from Tom, who never comes to the pub.

Yay, my alcoholism is now art.


Jose Parla

so moving on…..

here’s some calligraphy from Jose Parla, ch ch ch ch check it.


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Anamorphic Tape Projection by Doyle Partners

Si once explained to me how they make the giant lettering on football pitches look flat. At the time I nodded and said “uh-huh” but I didn’t really get it…

Here’s further explanation from Doyle Partners via¬†Christopher Jobson at Colossal:


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Irina Werning

Check this photo person’s photo project ‘Back to the future‘ its crackers!

Those records look a little warped.

These are the work of Angelo Bramanti and Giuseppe Siracusa who work under the name L017.

Via Colossal.

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Before I Die…

Maybe one of you folks down in Lahndahn could find a wall and do this – what a great way to bring communities together. Nobody in this country knows their neighbours anymore.

Designer¬†Candy Chang wanted to find out from her neighbours what they wish they could do before they die, so she created a public art project called “Before I Die” in New Orleans to get some answers.

Via Design Milk

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