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Sell out or ?



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CSD – Compulsive Sneaker Disorder

I met this dude when I was in NYC last september. I thought he was a little crazy then with Playstation edition air force ones on his feet, shouting at the guys at the bike shop next door to A.R.C. where he works, banging on to me that he loves Banksy and Alana is a Russian name. Anyway the dude was real cool, he made the two of us feel welcome in the first store we walked into as we got off the plane and told us about Santos’. Big love to the man like Chris Vidal!

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Banksy Movie

Yes Banksy may be so last week. And yes his work, due to really annoying hollywood twats, is extortionately expensive unless purchased over a decade ago when most people didn’t have a clue who he was. And yes the idea of a banksy film sounds ridiculous, but I’m definitely gonna go see it. ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ looks jokes and seeing as it’s got footage of Shepard Fairey falling on his ass from some height I’m thinking it might actually be quite a cool insight into the world of the street artist without some pretentious wanker stroking his chin when talking about it. Yes that is quite a vicious post but it’s the sort of thing that really winds me up when The Guardian does an article on such things, so now I’ve got it off my chest my┬ábreathing┬árate has been restored to normal.

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