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One Eleven

Sneaking in just before the deadline, my sketchy-ass first entry into the Monthly Mixtape fight with Mr. Martini and The Beatmaster. I think we already have a winner for this month, but still…

EDIT: tracklist after the juMP

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In response to the way you is kickin’ it . . .

Listening to Mr. Digitals latest choice cuts, which is sick dope fresh by the by, I couldn’t help but notice at 4:17 a small amount of possible hip hop sampling material.

To late, its already been done.


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Requiem of the Cockney Violin

LWAPD presents a cheeky Digital Doughboy mash up…

Skitz’s 3rd installment in the “of the Gods” trilogy + Caspa’s Cockney Violin = ???

Due to where and how I uploaded it, it’s limited to 10 downloads within 60 days so hurry while stocks last!

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Terrible / Trouble


Lil’ tropical-raverton-garage-dancehall-funky mix I done did a couple of weeks ago. Bass in your face.

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Digital Meets Bloggers Uptown

Ring The Alarm

Easy now. This is an old reggae and hip-hop mix that I put together a couple of years ago, but now that the weather’s come back strong I thought it might be the moment to dust it off, just in time for carnival.

Tracklist after the jump, foolz.

Ring The Alarm: a tommy digital dub (right click to download)

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