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“The Black Book Store” – narrated by Talib Kweli

The Black Power Mixtape has a UK release date of 21st October, not 9th September as I previously thought.

Anyway, there’s a new clip on IMDB which I couldn’t work out how to embed so here’s a screengrab and the link instead.

Lookout for the awesome little rhyme at the end… fo sho’.



Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?


Angela Davis was my Mum’s hero back in the day. She had the foot-high ‘fro to match.

And I quote: “Using 16 mm footage that was shot by Swedish filmmakers following some of the key members of the Black Power movement during the ’60s and ’70s, this documentary brings that tumultuous period for American race relations to vivid life and incorporates new interviews with leading African-American activists and artists.
Why It’s Worth Seeking Out:┬áBecause it’s a subject that’s always timely and some of the footage these filmmakers shot is truly extraordinary.”

September 9th. Be there.

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