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The Jacksons in Africa

I sort of slept on this Dr. No’s Ethiopium album when it came out a couple of months ago, mostly because the label released it in conjunction with their own brand of fair-trade coffee, which seemed kind of weak. Turns out it’s actually fucking mint. Basically Stones Throw turned Oh No (aka Michael Jackson aka Madlib’s brother aka the dude who made this banger) loose on a stack of old Ethiopian jazz & funk records, and he made beats out of them. Simples. This is my favourite:

Oh No – Juke Joint (right click to download)

Anyways since then, big brother Otis has been getting in on the act too.  The third installment in his one-a-month Medicine Show series is Beat Konducta in Africa, which looks equally super-dope-fresh.

Madlib – The Frontline (Liberation) (you know the drill)

Get ’em here.

Oh, and they’ve done a J Dilla x Serato thing too. Just saying. In case anyone feels the urgent desire to buy me a present…

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Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No video

There’s so much to love about this video, it’s hard to pick one favourite thing. But I think the bit where Mayer plays the tiny geetar just about edges it for me.

The album’s due out in September apparently, and the CD will come with a tiny single on vinyl as well!

Oh, and geek boys – yes, you – you can still pick up the heart-shaped red 7″ single from the Stones Throw store

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