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The Beatles Never Broke Up

Ok, so this is obviously some sort of hoax as we all know that the Beatles did break up and some of them have gone and popped their clogs.  Some guy is claiming to have had an ‘experience‘ where by he came across this tape and since then he has very kindly made it available to us all. To be honest I haven’t really read into the story that much but I downloaded the album to see what all the fuss was about – get yours here.  Not so sure what to make of it as a whole but track seven is sounding quite a lot like a Lemon Jelly track, which is nice – Si, like I said the other day some nice sampling to be had, the last track is good and has an intro beat which is real similar to the one Damu samples below . . .

So not sure if you would want to listen to it time and time again but I thought the whole thing was interesting enough to spread the love – plus free music is always worth a go in my books (or ears).

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crazysickdope mix. fact.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a compendium of straight-up raw as carpet-burns breakbeats from all sorts of sources, blended, cut up and pickled by Mr Galactus, who also transforms breaks and samples into full-length bare-naked instrumental tracks, ready for lyri-ri-ricysts to bump burp over them. Check-bo…

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In response to the way you is kickin’ it . . .

Listening to Mr. Digitals latest choice cuts, which is sick dope fresh by the by, I couldn’t help but notice at 4:17 a small amount of possible hip hop sampling material.

To late, its already been done.


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…in case it’s Bill Withers


Just got hold of this bad-boy. Pure soul, and some charming anecdotes along the way, too. Apparently the LP changes hands for a couple of hundred quid these days so if you spot it on your travels then grab a copy for me, too.

The whole album’s killer but for me the version of Grandma’s Hands is a proper Michael Winner. No diggity.

Bill Withers – Grandma’s Hands (live at Carnegie Hall)

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O Fantastico Mundo De Joao Brasil

I guess life is pretty good when you get paid to hit buttons and make sounds.

Some pretty decent sounds he’s got there.

Catch him tonight alongside Radio Clit, Los Chinches, Aj Holmes and Vamanos at the Notting Hill Arts Club

Oh, and its only Vamanos’ Birthday…..popular month to be born, evidently.

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