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This is Dave.

Of Dave’s Advent.

I photographed him using PX600 film and my Polaroid 680.

PX600 is the new Polaroid instant film from The Impossible Project.

More here.

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Book done. Fact.

Available here.

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I wish I was Sam

So seeing as Tom’s addicted to Poladroid and Sam puts us all to shame by using the real thing better than all of us I thought I’d share my attempts at cheating.

Check my flickr out here to see how bad the set are. Oh and the NY ones should be up there too.

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Get with the times Luntley

Best of both worlds? Digital camera and instant prints with ink free paper? To be fair, it’s probably shite, nice idea though.

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Gone In… about two weeks


Throughout the month of August, Edinburgh’s Under The Stairs is hosting an exhibition of Polaroids by our very own Sam Luntley. It’s a great little bar, just off the Grassmarket, and needless to say the photos themselves are average at best top drawer. If I were you, I’d go and have a butchers.



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