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Insta Marc


Working in an Ad agency with loads of Art Directors + Designers around, you can imagine my surprise/delight when I discovered that Marc our resident IT genius turned out to be a sick photographer.

Wanted to share some of his instagram biznizz here, (i’m digging his kubrick style surreptitious tube photography) but you should really head to his instacanvas page to check out the rest.

You can even order yourself a print there, should you so desire.

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NYC is . . .



more to follow . . .

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took these in france, sud de france, august times. scanned them this afternoon. facts.

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Pilsbury Photos

New photos on the ol’ Flickr, check it here.

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For those of you who couldn’t make it . . .

. . . and for those of you who did make it but couldn’t see anything because it was real dark and busy, here are the two pics of mine that are currently hanging on the wall in 99 hanover as part of the latest installment of ’99 hanover projects’, a series of exhibitions, this one being photographic.

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Book done. Fact.

Available here.

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Gnarly, dude!

Never thought the day would come when I’d have a ‘favourite skateboard’. But life is full of surprises, innit? This is a collaboration between some dude called Danny Supa and the Truth & Soul record label.

The photo is by a guy called Jamil GS, who mostly does titties but also took this incredible shot of the New York skyline for the cover of the El Michels Affair Sounding Out The City LP which, if you don’t got, you should get.

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Porto Si

Just got back from Porto, place was crazy. Cheap booze, nice buildings and all kinds of weather. Put some photos up on Flickr, check it.

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