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A sewing cafe in Paris !!

That’s right, I’m double posting!

As seen about two minutes ago on the Ajoure Blog, a sewing cafe has opened in Paris.

Drink coffee and eat cake while you work on your latest sewing projects.

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Art Mosh Paris

Been meaning to post this up for a few days now but barely a day seems to have passed this past week where someone hasn’t been plying me with drink to express their gratitude at me leaving their city. Charlie Inman popped along to the latest Art Mosh in Paris to shoot this short. This is worth checking out for the re-sampled Moto 777 intro alone, but I’d recommend seeing it through as it’s pretty damn good. Art Mosh is a collaborative exhibition bringing together a wide range of artists and musicians to create what seems to be a hybrid gallery/party. A quick nosy round their website will quickly confirm that whoever the organisers are they have a keen eye for quality, one contributor definitely worth checking out is one of my favourites, Faith 47.

The whole thing seems hectic but great fun and Charlie’s cuts create a visual stacatto that fits this content like a glove, check it out.

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Being a rock band.


Audrey Q went to Paris. Eated some baked goods. Taked some awesome photos. Blogged it.

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