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Nice new tie

Sorry, hang on a minute. I meant nice new TY:

From the new album, out April 19th on bbe. Look out for how many different pairs of glasses the man wears over the course of this video. I count six.

[via Look On The Nice Side]

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New. Fresh. Free. Have a listen to Cosmic Lab from new producer BUG, and then go download his debut single here, for £0.00. Something like a junior Flying Lotus, this is definitely more “mmhmmm” than “WOW!”, but it’s still hard to argue with the one-word review from Ubiquity Records head honcho Eric Lau: “Butter”

BUG – Cosmic Lab

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I don’t care. Whatever it is. It isn’t that important. You could be listening to the whole of Gil Scott Heron’s new album, I’m New Here, right now, right here. So that’s what you need to be doing.

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So the guys from Man Recordings in sunny Deutschland got in touch about their new remix competition. The latest single by partydüdes Schlachthofbronx, called Ayoba, is a big big tune in what Vic & Bob used to call ‘the club style’, and they’re releasing a remix EP on March 1st which will include the winner of the comp. The rules are simple, and the deadline’s February 12th, which gives you loads of time to get busy in the studio/on the mpc/on your laptop/on two minidisc players and a casio keyboard.


1. Download the parts of the original here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/71f4le

2. Remix the song the way you like!

3. Upload your remix on the Sound Cloud drop box of Man Recordings and name it AYOBA! (your remixer name) and add “Ayoba Remix Contest” in the tags. The link to their Dropbox is:


4. The winners will be selected by Man Recordings and streamed on this website.


1st prize: Official digital release on the “Ayoba Remix EP” alongside remixes by Ku Bo, Beataucue, Daniel Haaksman, Top Billin, Phon.O, Beware + Motorpitch amongst others. (Man 046, released March 1st)

2nd & 3rd prize: limited edition Man Rec surprise parcel + Schlachthofbronx T-Shirts.


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Remember the name: Bosco Delrey

So I’m watching the video round-up of the second Mad Decent block-party (which looks pretty damn good, btw) and for the most part it’s the usual mix of B-more club shenanigans, off-the-hook Dominican chicas and raving toads. But around 1:25 things get a lil’ bit interesting.

I can’t find much out about Bosco Delrey but this one tune is easily the best rockabilly-dancehall tune ever. Fact.

Bosco Delrey – Round & Round (featuring 77 Klash)

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Brownswood Bubblers Mixtape

bubblers mixtape

It’s good when music is free, and even better when it’s legal. Better still when the free, legal music is actually good. If you see what I mean.

Hats off to the Brownswood crew, then, for the Best of Bubblers mixtape. It’s got a bunch of highlights from the first three compilations in the series, and a couple of cheeky previews of number four. It’s got that Mayer Hawthorne tune on there, plus tracks from west-coast mentalist Flying Lotus, beat generation golden boy Bullion, and some other characters who I’ve never heard of but are probably a bit good.

Free download here. Thanks Gilles.

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It’s indie rock’n’roll for me (occasionally)

Teardrops by The XX

The XX are going to be very famous, very soon. Fact.

Probably the most interesting guitar band around right now – although it’s not like there’s much competition. Still, big up the MPC drummer.

Y’allz can stream the whole album here if it tickles your fancy.

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