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Hip Hop Forever

Possibly one of the best Hip Hop compilations ever, rare as foook to get hold of on vinyl unless your Steeno and a pretty good series of albums due to Jazzy Jeff’s rather impeccable tastes.

Now I have the idea that we should all make our own versions of Hip Hop Forever. Seeing as we’re all broke, well at least I am, I think it would be rather nice to exchange albums as a version of secret santa, except no-one gets a crap present because we all like good tunes. The plan is those who want to take part say aye, we all make the CDs and bring them along on New Years and when we all draw out of a large brown sack.

These are the rules:

A double CD containing 24 hip hop tracks. No more, no less, that’s the magic number.

Artwork is optional, but think of the smile on the excited child’s face when he gets such a beautiful gift. I’m sure even the likes of Mr Digital with no training on Photoshop can produce some sort of arty piece to go inside a CD case.

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More Sound

Another tune i maked…

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Not by someone else

Thomas pointed out that we have’nt posted much of our own sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiit on this here weblog.

So while we all sit around waiting for Jack to post some of his sickdope (new word, ©2009) beats, I’ll post some of the stuff wot i have made on my new sampler, the Roland SP-404, which looks like this:

I signed up to a forum for people with the same type of sampler as me and theres tons of battles to get involved with. someone posts a sample, everyone participating has to make a tune using just their sampler and that sample.

so i have entered 2 battles so far, and it’s pretty good fun, the forum has a nice atmosphere, and it’s a great way to stay in shape.

heres one made for a battle where the samples were orchestral music from the watership down soundtrack, and drums from ike and tina’s “whole lotta love”


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John is that you?

This dude is called Semantic Noise, but i think it might be john, i mean look at that scrunched up mouth saying “mmmm” whenever things get funky.

I just got one of those little beat box things he’s punching away on, but don’t expect anything this good from mine for at least a few more decades.


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Coupe Decale Master mix

So, this evening I’ve been enjoying the ability to access the internet from my own livingroom.

A simple pleasure for many living in the western world…..usually it seems.

But this isn’t about that, this is about the warm, happy sound that is coupe decale (apologies for the absence of accents)

Nicely put together by Belgium’s Tupolev Soundclash, for an hours worth of drum driven dynamite.




Thanks Ghetto Bass Quake (click link to get to download), I couldn’t top your choice of image.

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down under land

He goes by the name Pogo and is ”an emerging electronic music artist from Perth, Western Australia”.

Cutting and splicing sound bits and musical bobs from films and putting them back together in a much nicer order is what he does. Fact.

You might well have seen this before but if not then your in for a treat.

this one is similarly agreeable . . .

and  this one has a touch of lemon jelly me thinks, happy-mellow-breezy-jumpy-ness. Nice.

More here and here and here

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Dancing Rice Grains

A speaker with a board on top, with rice thrown all over it may not sound that exiting, but check out the patterns made by different notes.

[WARNING: turn down the volume, otherwise you might ruin your headphones. And your ears.]

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Digital Meets Bloggers Uptown

Ring The Alarm

Easy now. This is an old reggae and hip-hop mix that I put together a couple of years ago, but now that the weather’s come back strong I thought it might be the moment to dust it off, just in time for carnival.

Tracklist after the jump, foolz.

Ring The Alarm: a tommy digital dub (right click to download)

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Kevin Krumnikl

Professional training as a cabinet maker, Kevin Krumnikl has design these pretty sweet ‘Disko’ cabinets. After not being able to find any practical furniture to store his stereo and CD’s he decided to design his own.  Only draw back is they are custom made to fit your separates, so if you buy a new stereo you will need to buy a new Disko. Im guessing Disko’s aren’t cheap. More stuff and interview here if your interested.


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