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A Good Day For Reggae

“Bam Bam is just Bam Bam, I didn’t write it, I didn’t contemplate on it” Just Yellowman and Sister Nancy kickin it in the studio. And then it seems she went on and recorded ‘Cocaine’ the same way, AND, on the same day.

Some woman. Only woman dj with a degree (although, maybe nowadays there are more, due to the quantity of courses: ¬†there are currently degrees available in Star Trek and Queer Musicology, see¬†here). She’s happily married and working in New Jersey as an accountant….the ultimate double life.*

The original would be too obvious right? Wrong. It’s killer, even though we’ve all heard it upwards of 1000 times, but I didn’t have a copy to hand.

Length: 6:02

Bam & Bass (edit) – Fort Knox 5

*This excludes fictional characters like Batman etc…

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Fantastic JJ Project

MasterB, I agree.

And because I am no longer lifting a finger at work, and had this sitting on my desktop, I thought y’all might enjoy a mini mix featuring Mr Jneiro Jarel amongst others.

Length 22:16

Fantastic JJ Project Mix

And also, jus’ because:

Length 4:18

Way Out (Brazilian Thought)

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Sound Quality? Reliability? Psshhh, I want STYLE

remember these?

Well check this out:

Sadly it’s only a design concept but it’s still freakin awesome.

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