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Re-up: The Wire Monopoly

Unfortunately not available for purchase, but boy would they make a killing (ha!) if it was.

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ALBUM. OF. THE. YEAR. (so far)

I should have put this up weeks ago but….

Mono/Poly,  the space-aged bassline wizard, has released a full-length album called Paramatma.

Expect some of the most advanced dubstep/hip-hop/jazz/meditation soundtrack concoctions you have ever heard.

To get hold of it, you can either order the USB card to get the full album plus extra tracks and some other sheez, or wait till it’s downloadable.

My Tip:  I know the whole USB card thing is a bit…. not like a record, but don’t nick this one off torrents, it’s worth the £££.

I already asked the label if he’s releasing this on Vinyl and they said there’s ‘not enough demand’. So here’s the email address to demand it from… info@tastefullicks.com

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Why do I like this?

I’m not usually down with this type of reach-for-the-lazers, auto-tune, stock-sample type music, but Mono/Poly opened his recent BTS Radio set with this tune (Wiz Khalifa – In The Cut), and it takes me back to rolling round in cars all summer, smokin fatties and drinking ice cold cloudy lemonade….

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Beat Dimensions

If you like absolutely sick hip-hop beats from the year 3029, then this site will not only keep you informed but also links to the Amsterdam-based Rush Hour record store, from which you can buy most of the music you find on the website.

I recommend all of the Beat Dimensions releases. I also recommend a visit to Mono/Poly’s myspace, just so you can listen to his track called “The Beatles”.


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