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Time to try Plan C, probably

Can’t quite put my finger on where Plan B got the inspiration for his new direction…

Ten points to anyone who can explain why ‘fauxtown’ (like that? I just made it up) is such a strong look on Andrew Mayer Cohen, and so, so wack when Benjamin Paul Ballance Drew tries it. I think Mark Ronson has a lot to answer for.

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Brownswood Bubblers Mixtape

bubblers mixtape

It’s good when music is free, and even better when it’s legal. Better still when the free, legal music is actually good. If you see what I mean.

Hats off to the Brownswood crew, then, for the Best of Bubblers mixtape. It’s got a bunch of highlights from the first three compilations in the series, and a couple of cheeky previews of number four. It’s got that Mayer Hawthorne tune on there, plus tracks from west-coast mentalist Flying Lotus, beat generation golden boy Bullion, and some other characters who I’ve never heard of but are probably a bit good.

Free download here. Thanks Gilles.

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Mayer Hawthorne – Maybe So, Maybe No video

There’s so much to love about this video, it’s hard to pick one favourite thing. But I think the bit where Mayer plays the tiny geetar just about edges it for me.

The album’s due out in September apparently, and the CD will come with a tiny single on vinyl as well!

Oh, and geek boys – yes, you – you can still pick up the heart-shaped red 7″ single from the Stones Throw store

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