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The Inaugural LWAPD “Tune’dem of the Year” Awards, brought to you in association with R.White’s Lemonade*

Ah, Christmas… a time for mistletoe, mulled wine, and geeky best-something-of-the-year lists created by losers on the internet. Without further ado, here’s Tommy Digital’s Top Five Records of the Oh-Nine. Where’s yours?

1. Joker / 2000f & J Kamata – Digidesign / You Don’t Know What Love Is

This is sort of cheating because by rights these should be numbers one and two respectively. But since Hyperdub were kind enough to put dubstep’s most melodic moment and the the world’s first/only electro-vocoder-crunkstep tune on the same 12″, I reckon it’s okay. Two copies essential.

Joker – Digidesign

2000f & J Kamata – You Don’t Know What Love Is

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I sort of new about hyperdub from the Burial albums, and then back in February they went and put out this double-headed beast of a 12″, featuring two strong contenders for record of the year.

I had a look on the internets and it turns out there’s not much to see. They’ve got a website that’s best described as minimalist, and a blog that doesn’t seem to have been updated since late 2007. But who gives a fuck when they keep on putting out dark, soulful dubstep like this? Not me, that’s who.

Black Sun by Kode 9

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