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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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Muslamic Law is out to get us!


Stupid People

BBC have a program out at the moment called I Can’t Stop Stealing where three idiots openly admit to shoplifting, parading their stolen wares with such joy and pride that, as you follow them round their squalid little flats, you expect to see consumer goods mounted on wooden shields like safari prizes. Surely going on such a TV show is detrimental to a successful shoplifting career.

I was going to go on a similar show entitled I Can’t Stop Hanging Round Schoolyards in my ‘Special Pants’ With the Pocket Liners Cut Out, but my parole officer suggested it might not be the smartest move if my face wasn’t obscured. If you’ve reached that point where your options to kill time are 2 And A Half Men or seppuku, it’s on iPlayer.

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I’m not racist, but…..

Y’all might have heard about the new law in Arizona that allows the police to stop anyone “who looks like they might be an illegal immigrant” and demand to see their naturalisation papers.

Everyone knows that illegals are always dark-skinned, so here’s a handy guide that the police in Arizona might use to know who to stop on the street and who to allow to pass on by.

As seen on Jezebel.

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