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Yo! If your in Landen tonight Elzhi (ex member of Slum Village) is performing Elmatic with live band Will Sessions at the Jazz Cafe. If you haven’t heard the album Elmatic yet you can cop it for free here. Its a Tribute to Nas’ album Illmatic and is produced by Will Sessions. Its been thumpin out of my headphones for the past few weeks. Get hamungst it!

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First of all, I know I post about them a lot but have you seen the new clip from Les Twins? (sorry about the ad at the beginning)

Anyway: Tomorrow I’ll be playing a gig at the Forest Cafe in Edinburgh with MC Tickle McNicholl as part of a benefit gig along with some anarchist punk bands. Something about Coal.

THEN: Next Thursday is Dirty District, non stop body rockin hip hop with some of Edinburgh’s most talented MC’s along side MC’s Tickle & Texture and myself (going by a slightly less wordy pseudonym) manning the Platters that Matter.

Oh yeah you all live in dicking london. you should still come though. megabus it or something.


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The Inkrument Album

Remember these dudes? I posted something on them a while ago here and they have now released an album – RRRARE. Who says British hip hop is dead? Check their website here and download some free tunes here.

Oh and just for good measure they did this, it’s jokes.

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It’s bigger than…

Ever wondered what it would be like if Adam F and Fresh did a dubstep mix of Dead Prez’s classic? Well, apparently they did.

Sadly this is nicked off the radio but had to post it as, quite frankly, it’s naughty.

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Nottz – Cars

Just heard this.

I couldn’t think of one word for it, so i made one up: duttyfunkysickillskillzzz.

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So, I got a little bit in to jerkin over the bank holiday weekend……I can’t actually do it yet, but apparently folks’ve been doin it in that sunny little bit of Southern California called LA since 2008, so I’ve pretty much hibernated on this.

Looks like fun.

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Whats ur favorite Kenyan hip-hop song right now?

This is mine. Heavy on the synthy sounds, and nice on the video.

It’s also available as a free download on akwaabamusic.com

Get involved!

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In response to the way you is kickin’ it . . .

Listening to Mr. Digitals latest choice cuts, which is sick dope fresh by the by, I couldn’t help but notice at 4:17 a small amount of possible hip hop sampling material.

To late, its already been done.


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