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Jose Parla

so moving on…..

here’s some calligraphy from Jose Parla, ch ch ch ch check it.


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Hey have y’all seen this awesome article about São Paulo graffiti in this month’s JungleDrums magazine? Seems ‘interesting’ and ‘really well written’, huh? But seriously. At least the pictures are nice.

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A New Understanding.

Adam Neate 1

Went along to see Adam Neate‘s solo show at Elms Lesters next to John’s yard off Tottenham Court Road this afternoon. It’s a wicked little gallery and Mr. Neate is what we in the amateur art criticism world refer to as a ‘bad-ass motherfucker’.

If the name rings a bell it’s probably because just over a year ago he gave away a load of artworks (estimated value: ‘a milli’) by just leaving them in the street around London.

Adam Neate - Bad News Travels FastBad News Travels Fast (2009)

I’ve never seen a solo show of his before and to be honest some of his straight-up paintings are pretty mediocre. But the mixed media numbers that use spray-paint, sculpted cardboard and some ‘found object’ stuff like shoes, beer cans and newspapers are off the hizzle. Bad News Travels Fast was a personal favourite, but his Virgin Mary in transparent, flourescent perspex was double dope, too.

Highly, highly recommended. Check some mo’ fo’ to’s on the flick-her if you can’t reach.

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One Foot in the Grove

Basically, a freakin’ sweet time-lapse video of the genius that is Mode 2 doing his thing at the Mutate Britain/One Foot in the Grove event last week in shiny London town. Credit for the edit goes to Charlie Inman, a man who I suspect knows not only that lemonade was once a popular beverage, but also that it continues to be popular in the present day.

GW Bingley is known to prefer a cold Coca-Cola, but he did take some nice photos of Mutate Britain as well, so let’s not hold it against him, eh?

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Being a rock band.


Audrey Q went to Paris. Eated some baked goods. Taked some awesome photos. Blogged it.

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