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1981.766* (HNY!)

Last year, in September, i was contacted by the calendar with some ‘news’. I had turned 30.

Responding in a typically British fashion, i decided to bolster my collection of 70’s + 80’s funk-disco records and make a 30 track mix (it has been pointed out to me that technically i am in my 31st year. thanks, douche bag)

Anyway, slightly belatedly, Happy New Year!

* 1981.766 is what you get if you’re on a long and boring train ride, and decide to look up the year of each song add them together and divide by 30, resulting in the mean. occurred to me afterwards that the median might have been more appropriate, but i decided i was sad enough already.

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Who’s Flaunt Edwards?














Apparently it’s this guy called JRocc.

In an act of what some would call benevolence and others might call lunacy, he’s made a series of edits of some classic funk + rare groove tracks, and stuck them up on his soundcloud page for free download.

The Blackbyrds, Otis Redding + Andres amongst others get the rework treatment.

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xxtra love

So, it’s been a while. Don’t think i haven’t been reading, jus’ not writing.

In appreciation of all the entertainment i get here, i’s made one track out of a selection of tracks. Tryin to give back to my local Lemonade community.

If you don’t like beats, synths and baselines, scroll on i guess.

download here
tracklist after the jump
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Breakin’ Bread

breakin' bread

I have been ‘cleaning out’ my computer this morning, oh how the days fly by without a fulltime job, and stumbled across this, must have down loaded it a while ago and not popped it into itunes as didn’t know I had it.

Tis a short 9.47 min long mix of funk, breaks and beats by Rob Life of Breakin’ Bread who I saw play a while ago at moo, good times.

Now go find yourself some old kitchen vinyl and get all B-boy up on it, I think thats how its done.


no track listing so. .  . Si get on it, or anyone else who fancies working them out.

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bobby rush

This is the tune that Q-Tip’s messing around with in that awesome needle-dropping video. How smooth is Bobby Rush, by the way?

Chicken Heads by Bobby Rush

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