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Was gonna be greedy and sleep on this but…

click the links to go and get:

Edinburgh doesn’t really produce good music (before the torrent of abuse flies in about the burgeoning hip-hop scene, sorry, there’s something simply insurmountably shit about rapping in a Scottish accent, get over it), off the top of my head Finlay Quaye’s about the only one I can recall. But, while the music media turned it’s eyes to a bunch of stroppy, angry, shouty Glaswegian kids stropping about in jeans two sizes too small, and ironic neon shoe laces, the burg cranked out the Joe Acheson quartet on the sly. As everyone already knows, they’re on Tru Thoughts as the Hidden Orchestra, go here to get a mixtape they’ve released to promote their first release Footsteps.

Bounce on over to Potholesonmyblog for a pretty decent mixtape by Natural Self

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Paris Hilton came to my album launch

I’m all about the productive procrastination these days, so in my spare moments (aka when I should be working) I’ve been putting together a new mixtape of old Brazilian music. It’s called dirty old bossa nova and you can download it right hurrr.

Anyways we had the launch party tonight and my ol’ pal Paris came down to show some love.

Thanks Paris!

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New. Fresh. Free. Have a listen to Cosmic Lab from new producer BUG, and then go download his debut single here, for £0.00. Something like a junior Flying Lotus, this is definitely more “mmhmmm” than “WOW!”, but it’s still hard to argue with the one-word review from Ubiquity Records head honcho Eric Lau: “Butter”

BUG – Cosmic Lab

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What The Fuck is a “Jay Electronica”?

So this is a bit of a treat. For those that don’t know, Jay Electronica is a New Orleans rapper who makes the kind of hip hop that went seriously out of fashion some time around the early 2000’s. In other words, it’s got loads of boom, plenty of bap, and it doesn’t revolve entirely around iced-out chains/pushing fly whips/getting mad paper.

There’s a load of hype around him despite the fact (or maybe because of the fact) that he’s not really released any actual records yet. Also possibly because he’s just fathered a child by Erykah Badu, which usually seems to be the mark of a top-class musical talent.

Anyway long story short this mixtape collects up a load of his best work to date, including that new Reflection Eternal record with Mos Def, Victory is in My Clutches (produced by Madlib) and the phenomenal Exhibit C. Yallz can download it here for a limited time.

And just in case you need a bit of extra convincing, here’s Jay rapping over the Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind theme, no drums, for like nine minutes. Sick.

Jay Electronica – The Pledge

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Remember this lady?

The Queen is back. New Amerykah Part II is out this month. Apparently.

Just come across this, which is apparently an “official leak” – so you won’t go to hell/jail for downloading it. And have you seen the video on erykahbadu.com yet? Not to be missed, no matter how you feel about Weezy Baby.

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Urban Nerds Carnival Mix

urban nerds

There’s been a seriously worrying amount of star-trek related business going on over here in the last couple of days, so now seems like an suitable time to post a new mix from Urban Nerds.

It’s a promo mix for their Notting Hill Carnival party which, for some reason, is happening in Shoreditch. But judging from the line-up (MJ Cole, Zinc, Mampi Swift, Mumdance…) it should be fiyah!

I like the way these fellas don’t seem to give a good shit about genres or any of that. I mean, really, why shouldn’t you blend soca with d’n’b before transition smoothly into an old-skool garage/operatic dancehall mashup? Right?

No tracklist, ‘cos I really recommend just sticking it on and seeing where it takes you. But if you must, you can find it here. And if you want to stick it ‘pon your iPod  generic portable mp3 player, the download is here. Brap brap, etc…

Rattus Rattus, Klose One & MC Illaman – Urban Nerds Carnival Promo

[vias: Chloe from le cool]

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I don’t mind at all

As far as I’m concerned, this Kyla/Crazy Cousins tune has been the best thing to come out of the whole Funky House/UK Funky revival so far. But you probably either (a) know that already or (b) don’t give a shit. So I’ll cut to the chase. Listen to it, then check out The XX as they turn it into some kind of crazy British version of ‘Maps’ by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Then all that’s left to do is marvel at the sheer audacity of the young scamps.

The XX – Do You Mind

[via FADER]

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Free Joe Acheson Track and other Jazz


The Edinburgh Three Weeks Jazz Festival have stuck up a bunch of three MP3s, including one of the Joe Acheson Quartet’s. They’re available to download til September 11th, get em while you can from here.

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Digital Meets Bloggers Uptown

Ring The Alarm

Easy now. This is an old reggae and hip-hop mix that I put together a couple of years ago, but now that the weather’s come back strong I thought it might be the moment to dust it off, just in time for carnival.

Tracklist after the jump, foolz.

Ring The Alarm: a tommy digital dub (right click to download)

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