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Who’s Flaunt Edwards?














Apparently it’s this guy called JRocc.

In an act of what some would call benevolence and others might call lunacy, he’s made a series of edits of some classic funk + rare groove tracks, and stuck them up on his soundcloud page for free download.

The Blackbyrds, Otis Redding + Andres amongst others get the rework treatment.

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another banger from the WeDidIt Collective

JUJ over on wedidit has produced this beat-tape called Slack, which you can download hmnyah.

I skipped passed the first track after it repeated the same thing one too many times for my brain at the time, and everything after that was dope-dope-dopedy-fuckin-dope.

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Labels of Love

Label Love is a free compilation of free music that you can download for free right here. Free.

The compilation brings together music from a bunch of dope-as-hell imprints including heavyweight winners like Tru Thoughts, Ubiquity and Stones Throw sister-label Now Again, plus something amazing called Bastard Jazz.

It’s all sounding pretty nice but I highly recommend Quantic’s newish Dog With A Rope, plus there’s a Dimlite tune on there that’s comfortably the best Swiss bleep-jazz record I’ve heard in days. Get involved.

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Digital Digging

Couple of good finds from my recent travels through the enormous digital crate that is the internets.

New Madvillain, track. Weird, but dope.

Madvillain – Papermill (right click to download)

Old Mexican cover version of James Brown. Dope, but weird.

Rabbits & Carrots – Give It Up (blah blah to blah blah)

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Whats ur favorite Kenyan hip-hop song right now?

This is mine. Heavy on the synthy sounds, and nice on the video.

It’s also available as a free download on akwaabamusic.com

Get involved!

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You’re probably gonna get sick of me banging on about how good Bullion is, but there’s really nothing I can do about that so you should probably just get used to it.

Here’s why: taking a break from being a sick-like-swine-flu producer of Low End Theory style blip-hop, he’s just released another (free) mix on the internet with like Joni Mitchell and ELO and shit on it. Sunday morning business.

Bullion Mixed Up In Love II

1. Free Spirits Intro
2. Sweet And Innocent – Express Your Love
3. Iron Butterfly – It Must Be Love
4. The Moody Blues – I Don’t Mind
5. The Manhattans – Follow Your Heart
6. Birtha – Feeling Lonely
7. The Bee Gees – To Love Somebody
8. ELO – Telephone Line
9. Joni Mitchell – Solid Love
10. The Four Tops – Still Water (LOVE)
11. Let’s Kiss Blonde Coeds Interlude
12. Adrian Baker – Is This Love
13. Ned Doheny – A Love Of Your Own
14. Tony Grey – She’s My Love
15. The Koobas – Woe Is It Love My Dear?
16. Smokey Robinson & The Miracles – More Love
17. Free Spirits Outro

It a free download on The FADER website, and in case you’re wondering why I’m so hyped about this guy, I think you can still download the extraordinarily good Beach Boys/J Dilla mashup album here.

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Brownswood Bubblers Mixtape

bubblers mixtape

It’s good when music is free, and even better when it’s legal. Better still when the free, legal music is actually good. If you see what I mean.

Hats off to the Brownswood crew, then, for the Best of Bubblers mixtape. It’s got a bunch of highlights from the first three compilations in the series, and a couple of cheeky previews of number four. It’s got that Mayer Hawthorne tune on there, plus tracks from west-coast mentalist Flying Lotus, beat generation golden boy Bullion, and some other characters who I’ve never heard of but are probably a bit good.

Free download here. Thanks Gilles.

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