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Beat Dimensions

If you like absolutely sick hip-hop beats from the year 3029, then this site will not only keep you informed but also links to the Amsterdam-based Rush Hour record store, from which you can buy most of the music you find on the website.

I recommend all of the Beat Dimensions releases. I also recommend a visit to Mono/Poly’s myspace, just so you can listen to his track called “The Beatles”.


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New album coming from Flying Lotus

Cosmogramma is released in early May, and according to the short film below has a lot more real-life instruments in it compared to the stone-cold circuitry of his previous sheeiit while maintaining his heavysickdope futuristic sound.

There’s some collabo’s on the album too, if you’re into that sort of thing. Thom ‘Seems To Feature On Everyone’s Album’ Yorke is on there, and so is Erykah ‘Lil Wayne Is Still Hip Hop, Right?’ Badu.

Anyway check de video for a little glimpse of Flying Lotus’s blunt smoking techniques and a little music-dude-speak.

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He ain’t a crook, son…

If y’allz don’t check out SHOOK magazine then… well you probably should. It rose out of the ashes of Straight No Chaser, made by a bunch of the same people and still with a lot of the artwork done by the legendary Swifty. The main difference from Chaser is that there’s a bit less jazz and a bit more hip-hop. Also comics.

Anways they’ve got a cool little interview with beatmaker and hallucinogen-enthusiast Flying Lotus up at the minute, where he runs down his top five tunes like EVER.

“I think that beat is a perfect beat. The mix is just so perfect, it’s a great reference point for any EQ-ing. A lot of people use Dr. Dre as a reference when they’re mastering but I think that’s as close as it gets to classic Dre mixing. It’s just a dope song. The snare drum on that is from this disco tune. It’s just incredible. Dilla at his finest I’d say. The EQ-ing, the samples, all the melodic stuff that’s happening, it’s so musical. And it’s so pretty. That’s the beat that’s hard to deny. It’s also one of those beats that can blend well with anything, so I play that song in almost all my DJ sets. I think it’s perfect.”

So I dug out Fantastic Volume II and it turns out he’s not wrong: Players is awesome. If you don’t know, get to know.

Slum Village – Players

Do yourself a favour and don’t put it on the laptop speakers.


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Is this a dagger which I see before me…?

New Major Lazer ting, directed by Eric Wareheim, the same guy who did the FlyLo video that’s banned on YouTube (you can watch it here though, innit? 100% NSFW).  

Is daggering the new black/twitter/100m sprint? You tell me.

Meantime, check out a serious documentary about the craze that’s sweeping the nation (jamaica, that is):

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Brownswood Bubblers Mixtape

bubblers mixtape

It’s good when music is free, and even better when it’s legal. Better still when the free, legal music is actually good. If you see what I mean.

Hats off to the Brownswood crew, then, for the Best of Bubblers mixtape. It’s got a bunch of highlights from the first three compilations in the series, and a couple of cheeky previews of number four. It’s got that Mayer Hawthorne tune on there, plus tracks from west-coast mentalist Flying Lotus, beat generation golden boy Bullion, and some other characters who I’ve never heard of but are probably a bit good.

Free download here. Thanks Gilles.

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