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14 and 15 better late than not


“Due to some of the recent installments being dubbed “soft” here is one with a proper swear word in.
Sorry maw.”


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The Annunciation

This should have been posted two days ago but it arrived late so you get it late, kind of like the royal mail, but better.

On the fourth day of christmas my friend dave sent to me . . .

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Daves Advent Doodles no.1

A friend of mine sent me an email yesterday, Subject: Advent Again. It had attached an advent drawing and I will now hopefully be receiving one a day¬†until jesus’ birthday. I decided it was too good not to share it with you all . . . .

More later . . .

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Roast Fish, Collie Weed and… Mince Pies

(Saville Factor: 2)

It seems SO wrong, and yet somehow so right: Lee “Scratch” Perry has done a Christmas song. It’s called Santa Claus. It’s sort of a trancehall thing. And he says “Walt Disney… Mickey Mouse… Monkey in the sky” quite a lot.

On first listen it sounds suspiciously like the ravings of a man who has completely lost touch with reality. But given his track record as a visionary genius, chances are that before too long this tune will have completely replaced the Christmas carol, and The Upsetter himself will be single-handedly delivering presents to all the world’s children. Personally, I can’t wait.

Lee “Scratch” Perry – Santa Claus [via FADER]

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’tis the season

It’s now December. Which means there are less shopping days left until Christmas than there were previously. Horrified by the announcement that we were to have a best decorated office competition, I started trawling the net for something decidedly anti-Christmas. I mean, I’m half Jewish, if we liked Christ we probably wouldn’t have had him killed. So, just before my colleagues came back from their lunch break at poundstretchers (festooned in tinsel and fairy lights like yuletide Al Qaeda, destined to spray festive shrapnel accross my desk) I found this.

It’s from a brilliant website I found called Spelling Mistakes Cost Lives, check it out.

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Don’t Lie to Children


They’ve got a good point…

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