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Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

Back in july Mr Chemist dropped this mix of beats from the dustiest crates of Ethiopia, Columbia, Sudan, and other funky hotspots, and he made it all with just one turntable and a loop pedal.

It was made to open for a concert by Ethiopian funk-legend Mulatu Astatke, which was in turn part of the Timeless Concert series. Dave Axelrod was supposed to get a gig from Timeless Concert with j-Rocc opening, but it never happened.

Anyway, the mix is dope. Tom, get it, you will like.






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crazysickdope mix. fact.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a compendium of straight-up raw as carpet-burns breakbeats from all sorts of sources, blended, cut up and pickled by Mr Galactus, who also transforms breaks and samples into full-length bare-naked instrumental tracks, ready for lyri-ri-ricysts to bump burp over them. Check-bo…

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Breakin’ Bread

breakin' bread

I have been ‘cleaning out’ my computer this morning, oh how the days fly by without a fulltime job, and stumbled across this, must have down loaded it a while ago and not popped it into itunes as didn’t know I had it.

Tis a short 9.47 min long mix of funk, breaks and beats by Rob Life of Breakin’ Bread who I saw play a while ago at moo, good times.

Now go find yourself some old kitchen vinyl and get all B-boy up on it, I think thats how its done.


no track listing so. .  . Si get on it, or anyone else who fancies working them out.

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