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Keys Cut Here

New mix of beats i’ve picked up on travels through soundcloud this year. Most of these guys aren’t well known, so I posted links to their soundcloud pages in the tracklist (after the jump), case you wanna find out more….

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Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?

Back in july Mr Chemist dropped this mix of beats from the dustiest crates of Ethiopia, Columbia, Sudan, and other funky hotspots, and he made it all with just one turntable and a loop pedal.

It was made to open for a concert by Ethiopian funk-legend Mulatu Astatke, which was in turn part of the Timeless Concert series. Dave Axelrod was supposed to get a gig from Timeless Concert with j-Rocc opening, but it never happened.

Anyway, the mix is dope. Tom, get it, you will like.






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another banger from the WeDidIt Collective

JUJ over on wedidit has produced this beat-tape called Slack, which you can download hmnyah.

I skipped passed the first track after it repeated the same thing one too many times for my brain at the time, and everything after that was dope-dope-dopedy-fuckin-dope.

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xxtra love

So, it’s been a while. Don’t think i haven’t been reading, jus’ not writing.

In appreciation of all the entertainment i get here, i’s made one track out of a selection of tracks. Tryin to give back to my local Lemonade community.

If you don’t like beats, synths and baselines, scroll on i guess.

download here
tracklist after the jump
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T#2 The Beat

Just found this limited edition music mag that is full of info about BEATS. Jazz, beats, Hip-Hop Beats, Conga Beats….. it has contributions from famous drummers from all backgrounds, and comes with a 10″ picture disc containing some remixed music by Futureheads and Bloc Party. (Futureheads track is pretty dope, Block Party one still sounds a bit…. shoreditch.)

Go pick it up though if you can find it, it was only a fiver and helps support Oxfam too!

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More Sound

Another tune i maked…

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John is that you?

This dude is called Semantic Noise, but i think it might be john, i mean look at that scrunched up mouth saying “mmmm” whenever things get funky.

I just got one of those little beat box things he’s punching away on, but don’t expect anything this good from mine for at least a few more decades.


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here is a link to Hubert Daviz’ myspace page, which i think you will find entertaining. why not enjoy some of his beat tapes? or peruse his wide variety of 2 beat tapes? he also has some beat tapes to listen to, mixed by some ‘disk jockey’.

Hubert Daviz

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Table Drumming

this is the cool thing to do in american schools these days. this guy rocks it but there is a world of shit awaiting you if you try looking ‘table drumming’ up on youtube so dont bother. just watch this guy.

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