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Jose Parla

so moving on…..

here’s some calligraphy from Jose Parla, ch ch ch ch check it.


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Dude can draw.



Firstly ola, its been a while since I posted a post on this post page thingy, festives followed by flat hunting, excuses excuses I know but . . . . 

Rolling on from Tommy D’s Mark Jenkins post and keeping it street, I want to share wit y’all a guy I stumble upon whist scouring ekosystem, which if you haven’t already wasted time loosing yourself in all its content I high recommend you don’t begin, it’s gonna take a while.

Them at ekosystem say “We like Banksy but SpY is the real master”. Quite an accolade but I might just be in agreement with them. 

He goes by the name SpY, he’s from Madrid, espagnol, his work is dope. Fact.

They are called interventions.

So so so many good ones I could have stuck on here but didn’t want to fill the screen, best you go check out his site and see them all with your own peepers. enjoy.

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Just did the rather therapeutic activity of blog surfing, found this dude’s blog postersandprints. He (well I’m being a little presumptuous there) seems pretty on top of his game at documenting the latest and greatest in street art and has reminded me that there are still some of those Jamie Hewlett Ethical Collection prints available here for a ton each via Oxfam.

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A New Understanding.

Adam Neate 1

Went along to see Adam Neate‘s solo show at Elms Lesters next to John’s yard off Tottenham Court Road this afternoon. It’s a wicked little gallery and Mr. Neate is what we in the amateur art criticism world refer to as a ‘bad-ass motherfucker’.

If the name rings a bell it’s probably because just over a year ago he gave away a load of artworks (estimated value: ‘a milli’) by just leaving them in the street around London.

Adam Neate - Bad News Travels FastBad News Travels Fast (2009)

I’ve never seen a solo show of his before and to be honest some of his straight-up paintings are pretty mediocre. But the mixed media numbers that use spray-paint, sculpted cardboard and some ‘found object’ stuff like shoes, beer cans and newspapers are off the hizzle. Bad News Travels Fast was a personal favourite, but his Virgin Mary in transparent, flourescent perspex was double dope, too.

Highly, highly recommended. Check some mo’ fo’ to’s on the flick-her if you can’t reach.

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what is it with all this retro computer games stuff?

Why can we now get retro computer games as clothing, tiles, wall art ? Cos eighties computer games are so inexplicably shit when you play them back that we have to turn them into something else just to enjoy them. That’s why, pixely shit bastards.

guess who spent their lunchtime playing California Games? – happy sack? for fuck’s sake, why?

Oh yeah, reading at work, check it

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