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An amazingly clever animation short Written and directed by the French team of François Alaux and Herve de Crec, that has been nominated for best short film (animated) at the oscars! and is picking up awards left right and centre as you read.

more here on the films official website.

you can watch it in two parts on the tube of you in NVGQ (not-very-good-quality) or I found it earlier, full length and HQ, here.


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New competition?

So I made a lil film on xtranormal.com. Any resemblance to any other characters, either real or fictional, is entirely intentional. I realise that if you haven’t seen Jack then this won’t make any sense but then, why haven’t you seen Jack, loser?

Anyways, I wasted literally twenty minutes of my time on this, so I want to see if any of y’allz with more time/more talent can make something better. Any takers?

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gee as fuck

sam posted some of Peter Callesen’s papercut stuff a while ago, i just spotted this ad by mourice gee, who cuts paper also:

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Baman Piderman

This is the funiest animation I have seen in a long time. The brainchild of Alex Butera, this amazingly funny set of short animations follow Baman and Piderman in there day to day adventures, such as ‘Find da Sanwhich’, ‘Hab da Pumkin’ and ‘Pwactice da counting’.

Seriously funny shit.

More Baman Piderman here.

Check out some of his other work here, his daft punk one is a winner in my books.

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Wu Vid

So that Raekwon tune by J Dilla I posted a few weeks back, well the video is SICK! in both senses of the word.

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The Tits Have Escaped

Emiel Stevenhagen is a freelance illustrator who makes mad home made animations. this ones got tits in it.

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