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All City 10×10

I just got the last one of these today. 10 records by 20 different LA based producers, every one super sick dope. Mattress-themed covers by B+.

get em here before they sell out and become expensive ebay items.



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All City – LA 10″ Series

I got Volume 1 of this series today, which hasĀ  veerrrryyy hhhheeeeeaaaaaavvvvvyyy tracks (as emphasised by my holding my finger down on each key as i wrote that) by Mr Dibia$e, the 404 Master, and P.U.D.G.E., who pushes beats out of the time signature and into the spaghetti bowl.

Vol 2 is out now, with some more serious tracks from TAKE and MATTHEWDAVID.

You can check out TAKE’s side below as he’s uploaded it to Soundcloud, i recommend gazing out of the window and not doing anything important for a while.

The series also has artwork by Keepintime/Brasilintime director B+ which gives it added collectability and adds to the crazy lazy hazy style of the stereophonic vibrations stamped into the 10″ discs.

On the way soon, vol 3 is gonna have some RAS G and SAMIYAM tracks…

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