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1981.766* (HNY!)

Last year, in September, i was contacted by the calendar with some ‘news’. I had turned 30.

Responding in a typically British fashion, i decided to bolster my collection of 70’s + 80’s funk-disco records and make a 30 track mix (it has been pointed out to me that technically i am in my 31st year. thanks, douche bag)

Anyway, slightly belatedly, Happy New Year!

* 1981.766 is what you get if you’re on a long and boring train ride, and decide to look up the year of each song add them together and divide by 30, resulting in the mean. occurred to me afterwards that the median might have been more appropriate, but i decided i was sad enough already.

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xxtra love

So, it’s been a while. Don’t think i haven’t been reading, jus’ not writing.

In appreciation of all the entertainment i get here, i’s made one track out of a selection of tracks. Tryin to give back to my local Lemonade community.

If you don’t like beats, synths and baselines, scroll on i guess.

downloadĀ here
tracklist after the jump
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Do you remember?

Blog-lurking on The Frisky and came across this website called “I’m Remembering“. It’s basically an ode to all things from our childhood, some that we’ll exclaim “I had that!!” and others that you shake your head and say “what the…”

See below for examples of both these scenarios:

And a couple of others that get an honourable mention:

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