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1981.766* (HNY!)

Last year, in September, i was contacted by the calendar with some ‘news’. I had turned 30.

Responding in a typically British fashion, i decided to bolster my collection of 70’s + 80’s funk-disco records and make a 30 track mix (it has been pointed out to me that technically i am in my 31st year. thanks, douche bag)

Anyway, slightly belatedly, Happy New Year!

* 1981.766 is what you get if you’re on a long and boring train ride, and decide to look up the year of each song add them together and divide by 30, resulting in the mean. occurred to me afterwards that the median might have been more appropriate, but i decided i was sad enough already.

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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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Going on holiday. This was the most ridiculous version of ‘Holiday’ i could find. Dutch guys shouldn’t rap….

Then, in the related items i saw this: yes, he is body popping to the Holiday Rap.


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F*ck Off Addison Lee

I don’t really use cabs in London unless all other transport can’t get me home either because of the lack of public transport due to the time in the morning or inebriation. I do however cycle most places unless it is horrifically bad weather or again, inebriation. I was having a chat with a workmate the other day about who are the worst users of the road when you are out on a bike, with my opinion black cabs and his Addison Lee taxis. Turns out he was right and further more THEY HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO BE SH!T TO CYCLIST. I posted a while back about Cities Fit For Cycling by The Times and yet again they have hit the nail on the head with this article. In no way am I saying you should go kick the doors in of the next Addi Lee cab you see, but I hope that any of you reading this will not take another Addison Lee taxi and spread your utter disgust towards the company and anyone who ignores this and carries on using them. Hopefully it will mean less of the ghost bikes (shown above) popping up around London.

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This is Steeno’s doing.

Seen at the Shanghai SexExpo, a decapitated head “fleshlight”.

If you’re like me and didn’t know what a fleshlight is, it’s an artificial vagina for sexually frustrated men…. except they don’t usually come (ha!) at the base of a severed head.



Panda Gathering 2010

this guy Yusuf organised a tricking event. unbeknown to him word spread on the intarwebs and some sick people showed up to do some pretty amazing stuff.

Bangs’ Life Is Hard

When he’s not writing songs about love or meeting girls (sometimes on facebook), Bangs is mostly writing songs about life being hard and never having a good time.

I hope Bangs’ life improves.

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Hoooold Up!

Nate Dogg died. Turns out he’d already survived two strokes. 

This is going to keep happening, isn’t it?

Seems like a good moment to dig out this old wikipedia page for Regulate, which some humourless bastard has decided to get rid of.

I had a dream last night…


it was about monkeys riding dogs.

But not in a sexual way.

For once.

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