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F*ck Off Addison Lee

I don’t really use cabs in London unless all other transport can’t get me home either because of the lack of public transport due to the time in the morning or inebriation. I do however cycle most places unless it is horrifically bad weather or again, inebriation. I was having a chat with a workmate the other day about who are the worst users of the road when you are out on a bike, with my opinion black cabs and his Addison Lee taxis. Turns out he was right and further more THEY HAVE BEEN INSTRUCTED TO BE SH!T TO CYCLIST. I posted a while back about Cities Fit For Cycling by The Times and yet again they have hit the nail on the head with this article. In no way am I saying you should go kick the doors in of the next Addi Lee cab you see, but I hope that any of you reading this will not take another Addison Lee taxi and spread your utter disgust towards the company and anyone who ignores this and carries on using them. Hopefully it will mean less of the ghost bikes (shown above) popping up around London.

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how to destroy a brand and a band

after the lemmy one – this sucks.

And now:

Scrooge McDuck

Turns out that Scrooge McDuck made his fortune with the same old fashioned American approach used by Lehmans, Uncle Bens, and the Pacific Railroad Company.

Crack, Heroin then Booze – in that order.



This is amazing – ‘they’ have a real life Professor Nutt telling us that crack is “better for us” than heroin and even better for us than booze!

“alcohol emerged as the most harmful drug, followed by heroin and crack” the news said so.

I was thinking of going for a beer this weekend but now Im planning a trip off down the local crack den for a pipe if anyone would like to join me?


NB: Illustration by yours truly and has nothing to do with the real issue or story but I think I might well have a job doing more of these for future stories if the right person sees it. Fingers tightly crossed.

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When spiders get high.

Some bored scientists somewhere wanted to see what would happen if you feed flies spiked with various drugs to unsuspecting spiders.

Well, they can’t spin webs anymore, that’s fo’ sho’…




Birthday Photoshop Actions, Part 2

…because he’s proper old, isn’t it?

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M A T E !


Birthday boy

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