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Dave of Dave’s Advents has started his own blog.  It’s a good read. Fact.



Hey have y’all seen this awesome article about São Paulo graffiti in this month’s JungleDrums magazine? Seems ‘interesting’ and ‘really well written’, huh? But seriously. At least the pictures are nice.

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This is a great site i stumble upon whist ‘doing’ my dissertation this year.

Some of you might already know about it but if not take a look, great idea, well executed.

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Do You Want to See My Cock?

This chief’s proposal for his book is well worth a read

Newspaper Blackout Poetry

in a chrysler

Simple, but effective. All you need is a newspaper, a sharpie, and a bit of time. Loads more of these here and here.

[via Ka-Kaos]

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Le Tramway

milan by niina topp

“…once past the tollhouse, the tram entered the town proper, first descending the long slope to the public gardens, skirting the wall around them, turning left at the monument to the war dead and, following the Boulevard du Président Wilson, gradually slowed along the Allée des Marronniers, coming to a stop at the end of the line almost in the center of town, opposite the movie-house with its glass marquee and enticing posters which in garish colors offered prospective customers the enormous faces of women with disheveled hair, heads flung back and mouths open wide in a scream of terror or the invitation to a kiss.”

Claude Simon, Le Tramway

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