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SDF photos taken by the 9 eyed camera formally know as google street view.





more here

Muslamic Law is out to get us!



I was reading some BBC news and i saw a nice big penis in the middle of the screen.

holy fucking shit

If you can, hold out for the ‘freestyle’ at the end, Carlton had something to do with it.

found it on todaysbigthing.



Crack, Heroin then Booze – in that order.



This is amazing – ‘they’ have a real life Professor Nutt telling us that crack is “better for us” than heroin and even better for us than booze!

“alcohol emerged as the most harmful drug, followed by heroin and crack” the news said so.

I was thinking of going for a beer this weekend but now Im planning a trip off down the local crack den for a pipe if anyone would like to join me?


NB: Illustration by yours truly and has nothing to do with the real issue or story but I think I might well have a job doing more of these for future stories if the right person sees it. Fingers tightly crossed.

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Spot the Difference

So, i’ve hated the BBC new website design for a little while now. Then i went to CNN and thought for a moment that i’d just mis-typed.

I saw a comment on the BBC site which summed it up:

“The new look makes the BBC Website seem like a less sophisticated version of the CNN website. Wish you had not chosen to emulate mediocrity.”

me too.


and the bbc recent redesign:


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Anyone not seen this yet?

check the ill-fresh website too…it’s like well sick design an that.


I’ve been watching the online TED lectures for a while now, they’re absolutely fascinating (at least the ones I can understand). I found their 100 Websites You Should Know and Use and it’s well worth checking out – especially the Top Interactive Experience Creators list.


Unfortunate Brand Names for Food: Part II

I’m going to let these images speak for themselves….

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