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dat rappa offa big dada droppin sum rhymez ova beatz by wunadem dudes offa hot chip blad.

(Free time + loads of friends) X T-Shirt Factory =

The NOToNOISY crew have also done Pong, Tetris, and Pole Position. I’m not entirely sure what they’re about as the page is in French and, given Google’s admirable sense of humour, I don’t trust the translate button.

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Anyone not seen this yet?

check the ill-fresh website too…it’s like well sick design an that.

Flashing Images

Harmonic 313 – Battlestar Feat. Phatkat & Elzhi (er-re-erwe-remix)

Prepare to be FLASHED AT.

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Nottz – Cars

Just heard this.

I couldn’t think of one word for it, so i made one up: duttyfunkysickillskillzzz.

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Cuban Gynecologist/American Car Salesman

This is way better than Jones’ Big Ass Truck Rental

I’m in complete support of the Impala liberation planned as part of the revolution on bad credit.

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Massive Attack – Splitting the Atom

this video gets better and better. it’s like a painting or a sculpture or something. By Edouard Salier.

John, if you haven’t seen this yet you are about to sh*t your pants.

They’ve released this album complete with awesome artwork by Tom Hingston on super heavyweight high grade vinyl too.

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Tell Mom ‘n Dad it’s the safe way to break and pop.

You even get a fold-out mat, a rapping guide AND a couple of 12’s. ONLY $19.99!!!

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