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Se Fire – In Every

Here’s my mate’s new video
i lit some of the candles!

and here is the also-very-sick remix by Kahn
double badness


Going on holiday. This was the most ridiculous version of ‘Holiday’ i could find. Dutch guys shouldn’t rap….

Then, in the related items i saw this: yes, he is body popping to the Holiday Rap.


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Perfect Practice – Bulletproof

Just thought I’d promote my friend DJ Sonny’s new tune. Perfect Practice are a Hip Hop crew from Edinburgh and have been making sick tunes for a long time now, its good to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

Check it oot!

Messin on with a tune I made tother day and the ol’ digical SLR. Propa gangsta!

Bangs’ Life Is Hard

When he’s not writing songs about love or meeting girls (sometimes on facebook), Bangs is mostly writing songs about life being hard and never having a good time.

I hope Bangs’ life improves.

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what i did on my holiday

shot this with a mate for her husband’s music video last week

its from his album Drum & Bass: And the Horse You Rode In On which is decidedly not dnb – except that it involves drums and a bass guitar.

Mayor Ed Ward

College Humor have done it again, the bastards geniuses.


iPad Light Painting

It’s the kind of thing you could do in cgi but there’s something really nice about using technology to merge old school animation techniques with live motion capture (it’s also probably much quicker).

Done by an agency called Dentsu, pat on the back for all involved. Also, nice of them to explain how it works.

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