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RZA as a teleporting line judge….

AND Jake Gyllenhaal too !! He’s so dreamy…

As seen in Vampire Weekend‘s new video for “Giving up the Gun” from the album Contra.

KFC’s Survival Guide To Cricket

Either Australia is far more open, tolerant and un affected by racial stereotypes than I’d ever imagined, or several people dropped the ball here.

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And The Award For Most Erudite Hipster Goes To…..

This dude. Felicitations.

More from LATFH.

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Brought to you by the letter B…

Why aren’t theme tunes this good anymore? It’s not every day you get your end credits delivered via a wheelbarrow mounted sound system. And then as if that wasn’t enough, you get belted in the face with the sample from mf doom’s Horehound

even the sound fx for the PBS ident are sickdope.

i hope someone gets to hear this before they go to work, it will make your journey in much funkier

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Omar is my Hero

For all lovers of “The Wire” out there, interesting article from Time Magazine (via where Michael Kenneth Williams talks about his new movie and experience playing Omar Little.

Read it here, innit?


your guess is as good as mine

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I Hate TV

I don’t watch TV. I watch TV shows online when people recommend them, but I don’t sit down in front of a television and watch programmed broadcasting. So, I miss all the trailers and promotional clips for what else is on. My understanding of contemporary mainstream television comes from the people around me discussing it and it’s started to get weird.

The most pertinent example I can think of is X Factor. When it started, I used to quite like it, at least the first round of auditions. It was absolutely riveting watching the panel bring the contestants aspirations inline with their talent. Millions of us tuned in to watch people being spiritually and emotionally crushed, and loved it, you absolute bastards. The only thing I got out of it, apart from watching the contestant’s spirits being slowly reversed over by the crushing HGV of reality, was a desire to become a careers advisor and do the same thing to 5 year olds. “How are you going to be an astronaut when we don’t have a space programme? Twat”. Now it seems to be a cult.

Not having watched it since the first couple of seasons, it seems to have developed a level of influence usually sought by religion. It would seem that we’re merely years away from fundamental X Factor followers (presumably called X Tremists) setting off car bombs outside telephone exchanges to prevent voting. Imagine, you have no idea what is going on with this show, and people start talking to you about something called a ‘Jedward’, crossing their arms at each other in a frighteningly accurate recreation of the start of Michael Radford’s 1984.

TV has finally gone mad, it’s no longer a box we used to sit round and stare at, then turn off. It’s now a portal from a vicious parallel universe that canonised Simon Cowell and Barry Scott, spewing forth psychotic and (seemingly quite often) racist hypnotism. More worryingly it seems to have extended its control beyond its allotted 60 minute slot, to the rest of its audiences fucking lives.

I am going somewhere with this, trust me. In his recent comment post in the Guardian, Charlie Brooker mentioned a website he used to run that predicted televisions decent into madness, TV Go Home. I loved this site when it first appeared and (while I’m still upset that they opted not to run our Tufty the Road Safety Rottiserie Squirrel idea) it still offers an amazing insight into what lies in store. Check it out here.

tv go home

As X Mas Factor is soon to be on us, and we’ll all be texting Santa to tell him what presents we want (or that he’s a bumbling fucktard who’ll never make it in the present distribution industry, then watching videos of him cry on an iPhone) the sister site unnovations is well worth a look too.

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