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gangster’s grub

Everyone else has seen this right?

There’s about ten episodes on iPlayer¬† on the CeeBeebies channel, my favourite so far is the one where Rastamouse has to foil a pirate radio DJ who’s stealing all the records in town.

Whatigwan in mouseland? Find out here


Geordie Shore

If you were going to remake the trashiest location-specific American TV show of all time for a UK audience, where would you base it? Oh, right.

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the power of ten tigers

here is a photo i took on me holibobs in sud de la france.

It made me think of this . . .

Stupid People

BBC have a program out at the moment called I Can’t Stop Stealing where three idiots openly admit to shoplifting, parading their stolen wares with such joy and pride that, as you follow them round their squalid little flats, you expect to see consumer goods mounted on wooden shields like safari prizes. Surely going on such a TV show is detrimental to a successful shoplifting career.

I was going to go on a similar show entitled I Can’t Stop Hanging Round Schoolyards in my ‘Special Pants’ With the Pocket Liners Cut Out, but my parole officer suggested it might not be the smartest move if my face wasn’t obscured. If you’ve reached that point where your options to kill time are 2 And A Half Men or seppuku, it’s on iPlayer.

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I see my homey had some suckas all in his mix

For some reason, this week I’ve been completely obsessed with Michael McDonald’s I Keep Forgettin‘. So, I was prattling about on facetube and I found this.

Here’s the original.

And if you ever wondered exactly how Warren Griffin the Third ever got his hands on it, Yacht Rock figured it out.

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For some reason the you tube video’s flipped horizontally but this is the actual intro to Season 21 Episode 20. Doesn’t bode well for the Simpsons if they’re stooping to this level of product placement.

It’s also seems odd for a show that’s always championed dysfunctional but fairly strong family values, to associate itself with a filthy ho-bag who ‘sings’ about going out, getting fucked up and hooking up with random guys.

Oh yeah, Eddie Izzard voices the queen in the same episode.

N.B. – Drew Steenburg has nothing against filthy ho-bags who like getting fucked up and hooking up with random guys, quite the contrary in fact.

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Have you been watching?

Anybody seen Treme (pronounced Tre-MAY) ?

It’s the new HBO drama about musicians living in New Orleans after Katrina.

I’ve only seen the first two episodes but so far, so good.

And what makes it extra “top-qual” is that it’s made by the same folks as The Wire, innit ?

Matter of fact, you might even recognize some of the  faces.

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