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Skating in East Africa-ca-ca-ca

From the New York Times:

Before Jack Mubiru, a father of the skateboarding scene in Uganda, could build a half-pipe in his native Kampala in 2006, he had to avoid paying a construction fee, so he fabricated a story about building a private enclosure for a pet crocodile. Most local officials — and neighborhood residents — had never heard of skateboarding. Six years later, the sport has spread from the skate park to the streets, attracting children as young as 5 and adult women. Its profile is growing throughout eastern Africa, with skate parks built or planned in neighboring Kenya and Tanzania. Proponents of skateboarding say it gives participants a welcome leisure activity in countries where there are few other options. ‘‘There is not much else for younger people to do,’’ Mubiru says. ‘‘So many people want to skateboard.’’

Julie Bosman

Love it! When they open the skate park in Kenya you ALL have to come visit and teach me how to do a kick-flip.


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John’s new house…

Etnies have made this skate house, just to make john make a man-mess in his underwear. there’s a video which i can’t figure out how to embed here, plus some more photomographs.

Auds showed me this so she gets the massive amount of street cred that people are sure to dish out for posting it.

Si published this without logging in as himself. Confusing, I know.

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So I wanted to share this tune with you all, a bit of an obscure Hip Hop instrumental called Green Means by a bloke called Nobody. As it turns out the only version they have of it on YouTube is the soundtrack to Ronnie Creager’s part in the eS “wheelie-board” video Menikmati, which is how I heard it in the first place. Anyway, it’s probably loads better than whatever else they might of put to fill the screen.

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Le Style

Sam brought me this informative book for my birthday.

It is obviously for teaching the art of being cool, dope, and sick to the young children of France.


This one’s for you Sam.

As seen on Dude Craft via google reader, came across these beautiful photos by LA photographer Noah Abrams, who wanted to document Afghanistan’s emerging skateboard culture.

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Skateboarding… well sort of

If it all seems a bit boring, go to about a minute in to see some crazy shit.

What do you do with bobsled tracks in the summer?

music’s horrible, have your finger near a mute key

A lil bit of soul to fill your hole.

and yes its downloadable so go on download it, what you waiting for.
drawing by safe

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