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Perfect Practice – Bulletproof

Just thought I’d promote my friend DJ Sonny’s new tune. Perfect Practice are a Hip Hop crew from Edinburgh and have been making sick tunes for a long time now, its good to see them getting the recognition they deserve.


At the end of this month I’ll be taking part in Sneaky Fest, a 3 venue festival of “alternative indie, folktronica, lo-fi, beats and rock” (the List)

I’m Scr-scr-scratching for MC’s Tickle & Texture (from Chemical Poets) as The Black Lantern Allstars.

Black lantern, for those who dinnae ken, is a free-music website based in Edinburgh, which provides free downloads of some of the area’s dopest musicians and producers. Check Morphamish if you like your dubstep absoulutly filthy, try 5hit-Hop Ninja Terminatorz‘ home made beats and mind-opening lyics…. there’s loads of stuff there. and its all freeeeeee.

So yeah. Sneaky Fest. 27th November. Sneaky Pete’s, Cab Vol, Electric Circus (where we’re playing), Edinburgh.

Be there or be

Looking Fly (part 2), or actually flying ?

What’s that in the background?

Why, it’s Si doing the “Dashing White Sargeant” dance at the ceilidh.

Throwing shapes and everything…..

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Saw this and though of Drew.

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Also, check this oot

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