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Just been listening to this….. EL-P C4C

EL-P ‘s Cancer for Cure seems like a pretty shit hot album.

Shame Ive already missed out on the instrumental version, which is probably now only gonna show up on discogs for silly money.

Perfect Practice – Bulletproof

Just thought I’d promote my friend DJ Sonny’s new tune. Perfect Practice are a Hip Hop crew from Edinburgh and have been making sick tunes for a long time now, its good to see them getting the recognition they deserve.

magic people….


Yo! If your in Landen tonight Elzhi (ex member of Slum Village) is performing Elmatic with live band Will Sessions at the Jazz Cafe. If you haven’t heard the album Elmatic yet you can cop it for free here. Its a Tribute to Nas’ album Illmatic and is produced by Will Sessions. Its been thumpin out of my headphones for the past few weeks. Get hamungst it!

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Free Album from MC Tickle – apparently i’m on it

Get MC Tickle’s (and loads of other artists’) latest EP for FREE from the very dope BLACK LANTERN MUSIC free net-label.

We did this one live not long ago and tick wore the whole mcdonalds get-up, had children crying. it was beautiful!

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Brighton Bars – Feat. Sammy Maracas

Went to sunny Brighton yesterday and did a wee film of me pal Sam hitting up some Brighton Bars. Checkit!

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