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April Mix

Hyper Massive Jet Funk meets Moronic Fidget-Folk with a touch of Smooth Grime and Nu-Jazz Tripstep.

Mix-a-Month: February

Here’s my mix for this month, it is in the medium of Dub, and dedicated to the shitty little virus that has kept me from sleeping properly for most of this week. Fuck you virus.

I have made a new soundcloud page under the name Symatic, by the way. “Biggi B-boy Beatmaster B” is a bit of a bitch to explain to people, Symatic kinda has “Si” in it. Cymatics is a freakin awesome subject. Also my other Soundcloud account is full so rather than delete loads of stuff i thought i’d just fire up another account.


OK – 20 10″s mix CORRECTLY uploaded to Mix cloud – still needs votes

So it turns out that the Bleep/Mixcloud competition has some “rules” and i was supposed to label it and put this image as the artwork… so with that done, all two of my loyal fans can re-favourite it, re-tweet it, re-everything it.

This is all going horribly wrong…………


Vote for my mix here.



2010″s mix now on mixcloud – needs votes

I just followed Tom’s instructions and uploaded my 20 10″s mix to Mixcloud as part of this competition to win some freshdopeshit.

It does seem a little pointless on my part as Mixcloud seems to be dependent on Twitter and Facebook – and i don’t have a twitter or facebook because they are evil.


20 10″s from 2010

Well, we just made it all the way round the Sun once again, and to celebrate I put together this little mix. Every tune was released and bought in 2010 and they are all 10″ vinyl records. 20 10″s from 2010.

The last tune I ordered arrived on the 31st of December (how lucky is that?!) and I recorded the mix on 01/01/11.



1:  Intro – Vakula (Firecracker)
2:  Spacely Sprocketts – Mr Dibia$e (All City)
3:  I Can’t Breathe – eLan (50 Weapons)
4:  Carpool Dummy – Gaslamp Killer w/ Mophono (Gaslamp Killer Music)
5:  Breakfast Blunts – Ras G (All City)
6:  Babylon Child – Mike Gao (All City)
7:  Newports – HouseShoes (All City)
8:  Rare Type – Computer Jay (All City)
9:  Personal Creation – GB (All City)
10: Strange Days – Daedelus (All City)
11:  Ur A Sta [D- Bridge Remix] – Black Pocket (Fat City)
12: The Hologram – Mark Pritchard (Ho Hum, Warp)
13: Saturn Race – 1000 Names (Team Acre)
14: Sunrise Luminescence – matthewdavid (All City)
15: If I – Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
16: Reservoir – Synkro (Box Clever)
17: Tekdub [feat IllGates] – Mutt (Tube 10)
18: Bricka-Brac – Fantastic Mr Fox (Black Acre)
19: Signal – TMSV (Box Clever)
20: Electric Church – Cymatic (Box Clever)

Scratch Sounds: Grasshopper Pocket 10″- DJ Hertz (Scratch Science)

Froidian Slip Mix (01/08/10)

So here’s a mix wot i done to promote our night wot happened last night.

Track List:

1: Queen – Ming the Merciless Theme (Flash Gordon OST 12″)
2: Masters of the Universe – The Power of Point Dread! (Mattel 7″)
3: DJ Vadim – The Terrorist (inst.) (It’s Obvious/The Terrorist 12″)
4: Dizz1 – Rirrr (Third Time Lucky EP 12″)
5: Hudson Mohawke – Monde (Polyfolk Dance EP 12″)
6: Tiago – Babel Fish (Beat Dimensions Vol. 2/3 12″)
7: Mono/Poly – MS-14 (The George Machine EP 12″)
8: D-Bridge – Ur a Sta (Fat City Producer Series 10″)
9: iTAL tEk – Babel (Midnight Colour LP 12″)
10: Rez – Sunday (Beatnicks Vol. 3 12″)
11: Disrupt – Sega Beats (Dub Echoes LP 12″)
12: Samiyam – Rounded (Man VS Machine 10″)
13: Ras G – Spacewayz! (Destination There EP 12″)
14: matthewdavid – Sunrise Luminescence (All City Los Angeles Series 2/10 10″)
15: Dizz1 – Konotakosuke Yaro (Beat Dimensions Vol. 2/2 12″)
16: Samiyam – 200 $ (Man VS Machine 10″)
17: Mr. Dibia$e – Spacely Sprockettz (All City Los Angeles Series 1/10 10″)
18: Mono/Poly – Oil Fields (Fat City Producer Series 7″)
19: Vakula – Intro (Firecracker EP-5 10″)


Beat Dimensions

If you like absolutely sick hip-hop beats from the year 3029, then this site will not only keep you informed but also links to the Amsterdam-based Rush Hour record store, from which you can buy most of the music you find on the website.

I recommend all of the Beat Dimensions releases. I also recommend a visit to Mono/Poly’s myspace, just so you can listen to his track called “The Beatles”.

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crazysickdope mix. fact.

What we have here ladies and gentlemen is a compendium of straight-up raw as carpet-burns breakbeats from all sorts of sources, blended, cut up and pickled by Mr Galactus, who also transforms breaks and samples into full-length bare-naked instrumental tracks, ready for lyri-ri-ricysts to bump burp over them. Check-bo…

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here is a link to Hubert Daviz’ myspace page, which i think you will find entertaining. why not enjoy some of his beat tapes? or peruse his wide variety of 2 beat tapes? he also has some beat tapes to listen to, mixed by some ‘disk jockey’.

Hubert Daviz

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