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Tasty Town

Ever wandered what the Houses of Parliament would look like if they were made of vegetables?

By a guy called Carl Warner, got no idea what it was for, or how I found it. Go check out the rest of his stuff, I’m a big fan of the black strawberry in the still life section.



took these in france, sud de france, august times. scanned them this afternoon. facts.

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the power of ten tigers

here is a photo i took on me holibobs in sud de la france.

It made me think of this . . .

Hey, man, you don’t talk to the Colonel. You listen to him.

Apparently Dennis Hopper wasn’t too far off his character in Apocalypse Now and always had a camera on him. His work is a mix of famous people from the 60s and 70s, and random bikers he seems to have met, check it out. He joins The Dude/His Dudeness/Duder/El Duderino as one of my favourite documentary photographers – mixing a reasonable level of skill with access to subjects other photographers can’t access. Check out more of his stuff here.

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DudeCraft does it again…

Swedish food stylist (yeah I didn’t know those existed either) Lisa Lundgren has created a series of photographs of food arranged by colour. The OCD freak inside me loves this idea:

See the rest over on Toxel.

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This one’s for you Sam.

As seen on Dude Craft via google reader, came across these beautiful photos by LA photographer Noah Abrams, who wanted to document Afghanistan’s emerging skateboard culture.

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This is Dave.

Of Dave’s Advent.

I photographed him using PX600 film and my Polaroid 680.

PX600 is the new Polaroid instant film from The Impossible Project.

More here.

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With no flights booked at all and no plans on flying anywhere any time soon this whole volcano thing has yet to really affect me other than it being a topic of conversation at work and the likes, until now . . .

This amazing time lapse footage was captured by Sean Stiegemeier on May 1st and 2nd.  He is currently looking for sponsorship to go back and shoot more, if I had some pennies I would send them his way.

Do yourself a favor and stick it full screen before watching it.

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