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Stupid stupid stupid people

Stupid stupid stupid people

If this is true then I need to watch Avatar again

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Hipster level 9000

Stolen from failblog, but to good not to share.  Also is this not outside the crown?

It’s not you, it’s James Brown.

There are seven acknowledged wonders of the world. YOU are about to witness the 8th. Introducing… the world’s greatest break-up-letter writer, the Hardest Working Pen in Showbusiness, the amazing Mister “Please-Please-Here’s-Six-Thousand-Dollars” himself. Ladies and gentlemen… JAAAAAAAMES BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN!

The rap singers is taken the advantage of me” is also well worth checking out.

[via Letters of Note, one of the most reliably SDF blogs on these internets]

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Geordie Shore

If you were going to remake the trashiest location-specific American TV show of all time for a UK audience, where would you base it? Oh, right.

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holy fucking shit

If you can, hold out for the ‘freestyle’ at the end, Carlton had something to do with it.

found it on todaysbigthing.



Crack, Heroin then Booze – in that order.



This is amazing – ‘they’ have a real life Professor Nutt telling us that crack is “better for us” than heroin and even better for us than booze!

“alcohol emerged as the most harmful drug, followed by heroin and crack” the news said so.

I was thinking of going for a beer this weekend but now Im planning a trip off down the local crack den for a pipe if anyone would like to join me?


NB: Illustration by yours truly and has nothing to do with the real issue or story but I think I might well have a job doing more of these for future stories if the right person sees it. Fingers tightly crossed.

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What’s your DVD collection missing?

Possibly this?

People’s Potential Unlimited (the guys who brought you Rare 80s Funk Boogie Go-Go Compilation) have released their Video Party DVD. 80 minutes of found footage from 80s and early 90s dance parties (a lot of which seemed to have been broadcast on public access cable), shoulder pads, jerry curls, special effects that were out of date by the time they’d rendered, and some of the best/worst dance moves you’ll see without giving me 12 jaeger bombs – no Soul Glo though.

Turntable Lab are selling it, seriously doubt anyone else is.

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Duppy Writer

Sick/Dope/Fresh new video from Rootsman Uva, created by the good people at Pulse Films. Another treat from the Ninja Tune 20th Anniversary shenanigans.

Plus, it’s not long now til the ‘new’ album drops: it’s just a bunch of old tracks re-fixed by genuine South London mentalist Wrongtom but I’m sure it’s gonna be decent. It’s out on September 6th; looks like this (yeah!) and sounds like this (big up XLR8R pon de download).

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