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1981.766* (HNY!)

Last year, in September, i was contacted by the calendar with some ‘news’. I had turned 30.

Responding in a typically British fashion, i decided to bolster my collection of 70’s + 80’s funk-disco records and make a 30 track mix (it has been pointed out to me that technically i am in my 31st year. thanks, douche bag)

Anyway, slightly belatedly, Happy New Year!

* 1981.766 is what you get if you’re on a long and boring train ride, and decide to look up the year of each song add them together and divide by 30, resulting in the mean. occurred to me afterwards that the median might have been more appropriate, but i decided i was sad enough already.

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Keys Cut Here

New mix of beats i’ve picked up on travels through soundcloud this year. Most of these guys aren’t well known, so I posted links to their soundcloud pages in the tracklist (after the jump), case you wanna find out more….

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In The Mood for Ska!

New Ska Reggae mix from the 45 Hands Crew aka me and Big Bad Carl. Peace

Fly Girls Mixtape!!!

Hey Y’all! New mixtape from oneself and Big Bad Carlitto! aka The 45 Hands Crew. A mix of the freshest Soul Sister Joints about. Download it and get it straight into your ears. Ya dig!

Have you seen this? Have you heard about this?


Angela Davis was my Mum’s hero back in the day. She had the foot-high ‘fro to match.

And I quote: “Using 16 mm footage that was shot by Swedish filmmakers following some of the key members of the Black Power movement during the ’60s and ’70s, this documentary brings that tumultuous period for American race relations to vivid life and incorporates new interviews with leading African-American activists and artists.
Why It’s Worth Seeking Out:┬áBecause it’s a subject that’s always timely and some of the footage these filmmakers shot is truly extraordinary.”

September 9th. Be there.


It’s March 8th

So, i was late with this. and now i’m really late. i have no excuses, but i promise that this mix was at least 99% recorded in February.

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