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In The Mood for Ska!

New Ska Reggae mix from the 45 Hands Crew aka me and Big Bad Carl. Peace

Just watch it okay?


The Lads. Banter. Etc…

It’s a bit hard to describe this picture without coming over like some fackin’ horrendous Carling Advert. What I will say is: WINNING.

Grem!i Da Muke – Skillage In Da Village

Check the Album!! Its ill!

This is my main man Grem!i Da Muke, he’s just brought out an album, checkit! dope mc! Wot wot. I made track 4 isnnit. But check out the track My Block its awesome, Steen its the one I was playing you tother day, geordie anthem.
SDF fact.


Come Down Selecta!!!

Sucka Alligators to all those who missed out on this!

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holy fucking shit

If you can, hold out for the ‘freestyle’ at the end, Carlton had something to do with it.

found it on todaysbigthing.



Speak and Spell

Anyone missing their old Speak and Spell? if so go here.

the power of ten tigers

here is a photo i took on me holibobs in sud de la france.

It made me think of this . . .

four things . . .


Tom, some swedish facts for your October trip . . .

Capital: Stockholm
Language: Swedish
Population: 9 million
Currency: 1 krona=100 öre
Area: 450,000 km² (174,000 sq mi)
Political system: Parliamentary democracy


Ninja tunes should def re-jig the line up to fit this guy on at the car park thingy


An awesome dirt jump bike short with a catchy little tune over the top shot in HD so make it big yeah


on a recent trip to the wonder that is lidl I spotted to my delight that Chocolate Fingers Ass is now only 79p!

Until next time


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