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Ha ha!

Geordie Shore

If you were going to remake the trashiest location-specific American TV show of all time for a UK audience, where would you base it? Oh, right.

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Birthday Photoshop Actions, Part 2

…because he’s proper old, isn’t it?

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M A T E !


Birthday boy

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by VM Productions

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London Look Out!

So I meant to post these a while ago, but stuff and shit got in the way until now, at present I can’t be fooked to put anymore of our flat into boxes so Im taking a break to give London a warning.

It may well be too late as he has already touched down, but the least I could do, as an upstanding citizen, was to make sure London was aware of what has arrived.

A wee  ‘good journey’  gift that me and anna got him, he wore it for the majority of the night.

His latest ‘great idea’ – a reverse jager bomb = a shot of red bull and a glass of jager. Great results.

The magic moment.

Not your typical end of the night floor filler but it did go down real well with all of us lot.

Nice work Steen, its been a pleasure. Good luck with London bruv.

And London, good luck with Steen.

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Safety First

We wore these, or at least something similar at training last week and they’re awesome, you can take a complete beating and it doesn’t hurt, much. However, I feel restricting their use as a martial arts training aid is quite short sighted so, I’m getting one for when I’m out on the lash. No more beer related injuries for Steeno, oh no. Jump down some stairs? easy. Hit by a taxi? not a problem.

As a plus, it would also get increasingly harder to reach your wallet as you got more drunk. The only downside I can see (apart from every rugby boy in the bar trying to beat you up) is they’re a bastard to get out of to go for a piss.

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