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Speaking of Etcha Sketch

And having copious amounts of free time…


Birthday Photoshop Actions, Part 2

…because he’s proper old, isn’t it?

H A P P Y  B I R T H D A Y  M A T E !



every frame is a painting. shit gets heavy at 2:50.

by reza dolatabadi

swiped from smashcartel.

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my tuppence on skateboard designs:

These remind me of one of terry gilliam’s demented cartoons, they’re by Jeremy Fish who’s website holds many more woodcut style treats with Beards featuring heavily as subject matter.

Saville factor: 1 (Jay’s got the Gold Chain goin on)

80’s Film Scenes

Delorian – Fuelled with Yayo and the American Dream

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80’s film scenes

in response to andy’s pictures i got inspired to draw this while highlander was on and it was so shite i had to keep my brain occupied with recreating the scene from terminator when he gets out of a burning pile of burning truck.



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